My name is Ryan Mintz, and my mission is to help high performing individuals transform the world through greater levels of self awareness and conscious expansion.


People like you will never stop growing, never sit idle, and never settle for allowing your life, interactions, and catalysts to show up without your conscious understanding of why they're there and how to navigate them with ease. Autopilot isn't in your vocabulary, you're here to make an impact and you strive for that next level of conscious creative experience.


You've had business coaches, movement coaches, and mentors, but you're craving something deeper.


Do you want to know where your subconscious programming is creating your life and getting in your way? This programming determines your identity, your life patterns, thought patterns, feelings, ego, movement ability, and creative potential, and it's all installed via ancestral and early life trauma, experiences, and lessons.


You could dig into this process by working with a shaman, chiropractor, personal trainer, physical therapist, nutritionist, psychologist, spiritual advisor, life coach, energy healer, psychic and acupuncturist.


Or you can work with me, and solve all of those problems.

Interested in uncovering where you might have blind spots?