Colorpuncture Kits


Check out this page on What is Colorpuncture to better understand what this system can do for you.


The kit is for ordinary people to be able to do Colorpuncture (color light acupuncture) treatments on yourself at home. There is a membership portal with the program, instruction videos, and diagrams. For additional help, you can join the facebook group.


The Colorpuncture Kit is designed as a starting point in helping you heal ancestral imprints that impact your relationships and their subconscious programs and patterns that inform how you show up in life. It will enable you to have better control of your hormone regulation, mental clarity, and state of your nervous system. With the treatments in the kit you will have an assortment of tools to help clear up conflict states from your nervous system, help you better understand your emotions, and improve how you're able to navigate and interact with your mirrors. If you struggle with anxiety, ADHD, sleep, quieting your mind, anger, or get stuck in patterns, this tool will be an amazing aid in your arsenal.

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