Fix Your Shoulders

Develop strong & pain-free shoulder movement step by step

Besides various injuries, the other way we hurt our shoulders is by practicing dysfunctional movement over long periods of time...say years and years. (Stuff like slouching or sitting behind a computer typing all day really adds up after a while).


In this course you will learn how to get to the bottom of that shoulder-caused pain that has been nagging you since you can remember. You know the one, it’s the one you just learned to deal with because nothing seemed to make it go away. The one you gave up on fixing.

There is good news: You can fix it.

There is better news: I’ll teach you how to fix it and make it so strong that those injuries won’t creep up on you again.

You are able to do amazing things. You are able to move without pain and use your shoulders for all kinds of skillful movement. You are able to reach up over head without pain, press without pain, pull without pain, and rotate without pain.

You just need to teach your body how.


The Fix Your Shoulders Program takes you through the process of vastly improving your shoulder health step by step.

What will I learn?

  • Rehab your old injuries

  • Transform your shoulder health

  • Balance your shoulder mechanics

  • Stabilize your shoulder joint

  • Improve your end range strength and control

These are the exact techniques I use on myself when my shoulders need some attention

(and with over 16 years of gymnastics and cirque inspired fitness, I’ve had my fair share of injuries) 

What do I get?

  • Over 60 minutes of instructional videos

  • 22 page E-book filled with detailed theory, diagrams & coaching cues

  • Comprehensive instructions for each exercise

  • Listed common mistakes 

  • Biomechanics education

Unlimited access to Fix Your Shoulders for $40

What are people saying?


I have been going through your program for the past three days and my neck feels noticeably better. The neuropathy in my fingers is gone and my shoulder isn't pinching when I reach overhead. The program is great, thanks Ryan!

Ian Fields

Just doing your program for one day made such a big difference in how my shoulders feel! I'm including a few of the exercises as part of my warmup/prehab routine and it's already made my shoulders much strong. Great program, definitely will be looking at your other programs next!

Roger Barnes

My shoulder looks and feels more normal haha is the biggest difference I notice. Thanks! Your work is worth way more than $40. Very thorough!

Jessica Perry

Hey Ryan,


As you know I'm a PT who works with shoulders quite often. Your program has helped me find a really effective and consistent system to follow with my clients that seems to work very very well!

Chelsea Andrews

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